• Hannah Snyder

Danielle & Hunter - Meet me at the gates of City Hall - A Philadelphia elopement during Covid.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

It was 7am on a hot, August morning when I left my apartment to meet Danielle and Hunter. They had to reschedule their Franklin Institute wedding and opted for an elopement so they could tie the knot around their original date. The streets were bare except for the occasional early morning commuter. We chose this time specifically because it would be quiet and relatively cool, and so far we were right in our assessments. I rounded the City Hall building looking for the most ideal light and space. Due to the pandemic, the inside courtyard of the building was closed, but the ornate gates served as an impressive backdrop. Their good friend, Greta, got ordained for the occasion and married the two before her shift at work. It was small and beautiful, and after the ceremony we walked around center city for pictures. This year has been so dark, and seeing people get married and celebrate love in a safe and intimate manner has been the ultimate silver lining.

Congratulations you two!

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